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  1. Let's begin this post with some homework. Examine the three pairs. EURUSD \sGBPUSD \sUSDCHF Make use of a one-hour chart. Make use of a bar chart with HLC bars. (This isn't required, but it may give you a visual advantage.) Examine the volume on the London Open Candle/Bar. Examine the closing price; if it's an up-bar/bull-candle, does it end in the middle or low? Does a down-bar/bear-candle close in the middle or high? Examine the reactions; does it result in higher or lower prices? What is its reaction? When this happens, where is the price? Is price approaching a previous top or bottom? Do the EXACT SAME THING for the open Candle/Bar in New York. Make a list of any connections you find or discover. Please share your thoughts and observations. Examine the last 30 sessions to see if you can find anything that piques your interest. Write down all of your questions and observations, and then respond to them in this thread. The reason for this "homework" will be revealed later; all good things take time!
  2. Please let us know if you find a good one. I'd love to find a CFD broker that offers spreads during the cash hours of the respective stock markets: Using a commission S&P500 - 0.25 point DOW30 - 1 point DAX30 - 0.5 point Nikkei225 - 5 points Astralia200 - 1 point Without a commission a bit wider is acceptable.
  3. Correct, and to be fair, it's understandable why this is the case. Not all of his students should be expected to be profitable, but the founder and teachers of his system should be, shouldn't they? What is it that they are unable to demonstrate? What is the reason that everyone who requests proof is immediately blocked?
  4. If at all feasible, report them. And, sadly, I agree that it is unlikely that you will be able to reclaim your funds. Also, if someone calls you claiming to be able to retrieve your stolen funds, do not trust them! There are a lot of fraudsters out there that ask for fees in order to get your money back - which they don't do, instead draining you of even more money. Take extreme caution.
  5. I don't believe it is difficult. To find a good broker, we may utilize Google, review sites, and other methods. In fact, we may even utilize a demo account to assist us in identifying a trustworthy broker on whom we can depend and trust.


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