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  1. icmarkets.com also provides regulators from Australia and the Seychelles. However, ASIC management will impose strict rules on icmarkets.com. whereas, in the Seychelles, governance is not like that, and it will be easier on the policy of imposition, such as the leveraged policy, which is the current element.
  2. I used to have an account with Global long time ago Currently have IC, FP markets, I knw about TD365 as well....... I used to be able to t=rade the US30 for 1 pt spread through a spreadbettor in UK, but no more... I think the lowest I have seen on US30 is 1.5 pts
  3. Many thanks for that.... I'm more interested in hearing about people's experiences, particularly with execution and spreads. I am not new to this field; I began in 1999 and have accounts with a number of companies. Regardless, many thanks.
  4. I am only interested in trading indices ( NOT fx)..... I have a few brokers, but I'm always looking to improve, especially since I want to scalp, so execution and spread are critical. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  5. I do not think there is any EA that works for long. Because EA is made up of various strategies, it only works for a few days. To work for a long time, it must be constantly modified. If you can create your own EA with your own strategy, it could be very useful for trading. Using an EA is akin to blindly following someone.
  6. "Trend trading for dummies" by Barry Burns was the book that provided the most assistance to me when I first began out three years ago. Amazon charges £13.44 for this item.
  7. I never found the time to test Martingale. Do you earn real money on Martingale? Maybe I should give it a go.
  8. I have a set of rules for an entry, I check supply and demand, currency strength, higher and lower time frame and a couple oscillators. I have four different indicators that show the trend on all MT5 time frames, a look at those is what makes the final decision to enter or stay out I trade 4 hour or daily, mainly daily charts because they have better data points. To me, a 5 minute chart has too many ups and downs and requires too much time for trade management. I am pretty picky as to entries. There are a lot of instruments that we can trade, missing a few entries is no big deal, there will be many more good ones coming.
  9. It's simple to say. Live spreads only offer you half of the story; frequent sluggish execution can account for up to 90% of the money you pay the market maker and broker to start and settle deals.
  10. Do you utilize a local broker or an international internet brokerage service to trade? I heard that if you trade with a local broker, you won't be able to avoid paying taxes since the broker won't be able to hide their customers' earnings from the tax office.
  11. Only through trial and error, as well as comparisons across brokers, can good brokers be identified. A good broker is a relative term since you can't always expect optimal trading circumstances, and even the best brokers can fail you down because they have no control over LP and have no capacity to change them.
  12. You can have a look at Fxview. Spreads are very tight, with commissions of just $1/100k each side. On big pairings, I've even seen 0.0 pips.


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