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  1. You must pay for level 2 data, so it will never be available in MT4. Furthermore, the back end of mt4 is not configured for high volume.
  2. Thank you very much for your responses. I'm approaching this new career like I'm going to college to learn a new trade (no pun intended). I've taken the same approach in my current job, constantly learning and evolving to become better at it. But, after 18 years, it's time for a new chapter in my life, and I know I can't expect to be successful without putting in the same effort I've put into learning my current job. Perhaps this is the wrong way to begin, but I want to understand how things work before I open any demo accounts. Without that understanding, or at the very least some education, I believe I'll be setting myself up for hours of frustration and failure without knowing the "how's and why's" of what's going on. Thank you once more.
  3. Hello, everyone. I've been reading here as time allows for a few months now. (I have a full-time job that requires me to work long hours, which is why I'm trying to learn a new career.) It appears that I know even less than when I began reading post after post in my quest for my first baby steps into a new career path. First and foremost, I don't want this to come across as ungrateful. Quite the opposite is true. I am grateful for the knowledge that successful traders contribute to this forum in order to assist others. It's a truly selfless gesture that's much appreciated. What I'm having trouble with, and perhaps other newcomers are as well, is that I see a lot of posts stating that you must put in your time. Get a college education. For lack of a better term, get your "degree." Doctors wouldn't be doctors if they didn't have an education, and I don't expect to be a good trader without the same commitment to learning. But there aren't many posts about WHERE to get that education. So, here's my extremely long-winded request for some of the people who have already received their "degree": HOW? Which path did you choose? How did you get started? What did you consider to be valuable? What did you consider to be a waste of time and/or money? The veterans could post a "road map" of their education and what was of benefit to them, and why, which would be extremely helpful to all newcomers to trading on this site. Every student who attends a traditional university must complete a required curriculum in order to complete their education. This should be no different, but I'd appreciate some guidance on what the curriculum should be and where to find it. I'm having trouble focusing because the posts that are helpful reference so many other posts that a spider web effect occurs, and I don't get the benefit that the poster intended. Thank you once again for a fantastic website.
  4. If you are a beginning trader it is highly recommended you use a SL to protect your account. Now if you can prove on DEMO that NOT using one fits your style and still produces profits then by all means knock yourself out, but scale in with real money to test your psych. Demo is the key here it should be used to test any new system,method, Indicator ect.... before trading a new idea LIVE!


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