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  1. Okay, I'll do that; thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hello everyone! I was duped by BTCADA Global Limited when I tried to withdraw my money and was told that I would have to pay 40.4 percent tax! Here's the whole tale. I met a person on Facebook who informed me about Gold Spot trading, and he told me that if I put in $1,500 to $5,000, I'd be able to earn a modest profit, which I did. He advised me to download the applications MT5, Binance, Coinbase, and Bitcoin.com, and then showed me how to fund my Coinbase and Bitcoin.com accounts (I couldn't use Binance). After I've financed these applications, he'll instruct me to contact BTCADA Global Limited's "customer server" and ask for an address to pay the money to. I'll then send the money from Coinbase/Bitcoin to the address supplied, and my MT5 account will be filled. Now that I've joined up with an official broker (fbmarkets), I've realized that this funding technique is highly suspect; it's too bad I only discovered this now. Below are the transactions - Coinbase (purchased ETH 989.22 CHF, transferred 1'028.47 CHF to broker) 20th May 1:20pm 7:33 p.m., May 23rd – Coinbase (bought ETH 618.02 CHF, sent 589.64 CHF to broker) 7:49 p.m. on May 23rd – Bitcoin.com (purchased BTC for 3'719.29 CHF, transferred broker 3'624.02 CHF) Bitcoin.com (purchased 9'270.99 CHF, transferred 9'243.07 CHF to broker) – May 26th 2:27pm Total: 14'597.52 CHF (fees excluded), 14'485.20 CHF (fees included) = 16'141.32 USD We began trading together, and I began to benefit as he directed me on when to buy/sell, etc. He then suggested that I top up more since there will be a nice market yesterday, which I had already done (as per last transaction). I got a sense something wasn't quite right about this person, so I asked him for facetime, which he agreed to, but he was wearing a mask and only displaying little sections of his face, so I could tell he wasn't the guy in the photo. I began to fear since the Bitcoin transaction from the 26th of May had already been completed and was about to be delivered to the broker's account, and there was no way to stop it while it was in the "review" stages. I investigated the broker BTCADA Global Limited and saw a few posts claiming that this firm was a fraud, with one person losing $75,000. I ceased trading on the broker's account, which still has a balance of $26,000 USD as of today. Last night, I messaged the broker's customer care, pleading with them to move my balance from MT5 to Bitcoin.com. They eventually responded, saying I had to pay 40.4 percent of my total amount in Swiss personal tax income, which is complete nonsense! I contacted the person on Facebook about it, and he said that's typical; he had to pay it as well, but it's a one-time price. I was thinking to myself, "I've obviously been scammed!" There's no way you can pay tax once and then take money for free the rest of the time. So here I am now, out of money by $16,000. I'm not sure what steps I should take to get my money back, or if it's even feasible. Please assist!
  3. Examine the rules, commissions, spreads, and other aspects.
  4. There are several respectable brokers available. You can look at everything before making a final selection. Examine the commission schemes of the brokers and choose the one that is most advantageous to you.

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