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  1. It's disheartening to see another scam broker from Switzerland, bdswiss.com. They haven't paid me in two weeks. 1. I am from Vietnam, and they took over $10,000 from me with no return, no email, and they were very quiet. (I have photos of them refusing to let me withdraw and now they have withdrawn everything from my account.) 2. Their forex market manager, Mr.Kang, has been accused by brokers such as Exness.com, Anzanocapital.com... of denouncing customers and being fired from the company; I am aware of this and have notified them as of 10/2019. However, bdswiss continued to use him as a manager in Vietnam until 3/2020 in order to continue to defraud investors, allowing them to see why they wanted to defraud in the first place. Furthermore, they organized to play PnL with IB partners, how the customers burned and lost their accounts as quickly as possible—the account customers were very excited about this. 3. They have a RAW account that pays with a Visa card, but be aware that even if you cancel and close the MT4 account, you will receive unexpected payments to your Visa card every night. Be cautious, you from Bdswiss.
  2. We've arrived. Price is either below or above the 200 MAs, continuing the overall downward trend. The size and duration of the pullbacks or retracements towards the 200 MA are variable. HHs, HLs, LHs, and LLs are commonly used to describe trends. We expect LLs and LHs in a downtrend. While this is true, as prices fall, there will not necessarily be a consistent stair step pattern. Pullbacks frequently fit the definition of a trend, luring traders to trade "against" the larger trend. With two long term MAs, one shifted and the other not, this method attempts to capture larger trends. As if there were two different MAs with different time periods, the shift causes a crossing behavior. The non-shifted MA serves as a warning sign of a larger trend direction shift. The MAs are ever-changing. They resemble a constantly changing "trend line." Price is trending down in the chart below as long as the non-shifted MA is below the shifted MA, even if price moves above the MAs. The trader looks for pullback reversals as price swings. These pullback reversals are sought after by the 3MA and 6MA.
  3. It's a good thing I didn't post then because the 200 is too long for me, while the 3 and 6 are too fast. However, I completely agree with the 1-Hour; it is the best, and there were so many setups yesterday. I'm a trend trader, but with the way the markets are now, what used to happen on a weekly basis is now happening on a daily basis. You can also toss out the Risk to Reward ratio of 2 to 1 nonsense. I also think it's important to keep an eye on the breakout levels of last week's high and low, as well as yesterday's high and low. Best wishes
  4. I'm not sure, but it has some advantages in my opinion. Where has OP gone? I expected to see some more trades or charts by Winston Reed. This method falls into the category of breakout, pullback, and continuation in my opinion. I'll post an example of my ideas; there aren't many thread rules, so we'll see what happens. Best wishes
  5. Never enter a trade if you don't know how to get out (Win or Loss). It will cause you stress and impair your judgment. It doesn't mean that if you lose, it was a bad decision; instead, accept the loss and move on. You'll never win if you fight the market. At least that's my motto when it comes to the stock market.
  6. Choosing your preferred broker is all about figuring out what can supply you with the greatest services. I think Fxopen is a fantastic option because of the services they provide.
  7. I'm now on the lookout for a reliable scalping broker with cheap spreads starting at 0.0pips and low fee costs. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. I wish my broker had a better news platform, otherwise I would simply switch brokers.


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