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  1. There have been no scammers on that page thus far. I believe that in order to advertise on FH, brokers must be at least large or medium in size. Therefore, if you come across any brokers who are not listed here, they are most likely scams or unregulated. I mean, I have no idea why anyone would choose the unregulated ones. There are already a plethora of reputable brokers listed on that page. All the other shady borkers offered no better spread or services than these large ones. I understand if you have never heard of FinanceHeaven, but if you are already familiar with this site, it would be extremely foolish to continue with the scammy ones.
  2. Hello, I would recommend that you use a standard 14 period rsi along with bollinger bands and a macd set to period 12,26,9.... for longs: For short: price action should breach lower bb and rsi should be below 30...then we go long by the upward coss of macd....... for long: price action should breach upper bb and rsi should be above 70...then we go short by the downward cross of macd.
  3. To put it bluntly, the answer isn't simple... Take a look at it this way: #1 Assume you have 100 trades, 80 of which stop out for a small loss and 20 of which hit for a small profit. In the end, there was a net loss. Eventually, paper cuts will lead to death. #2 Let's say you have 100 trades, with 90 small wins and 10 large losses. In the end, there was a net loss. In a knife fight, bandages don't work = death. #3 Make a plan, then trade it. It must be your plan so that you will know what to do if something goes wrong. Expect things to go wrong frequently... because they will. Depending on swaps, if you hit 40% profits with good RR ratios, you should win. In a 40 percent win system, you typically need a 3:1 RR to do well. Even with systems like these, a "black swan" event is always a possibility. Your chances are better if you have a larger bankroll and take fewer risks. (However, DO NOT START WITH A BIG BANK ROLL.) Make sure you're ready for anything. Things will be different if you can hit 70 percent and higher profits. Even so, turbulence can occur from time to time. Forget about hitting 100 percent; it's impossible to maintain for long periods of time and it sets you up for failure. Take what you can and get out... be content with what you have (provided you are winning.)
  4. Mr. Herath Mudhiyanselage Gayan Lakshantha from Srilanka owner of website fxalg and youtube channel Forex Automated Trading Tools is a fraud. I transferred him $190 through Skrill for HFT bot and he scammed me. I saw his results on myfxbook and got impressed and purchased HFT BOT from him. After purchasing I got to know it was all a scam. He’s a fraud. Don’t fall for his real accounts. His HFT & BOT are not worth buying. Once you pay him he will install a dummy bot. If you complaint he will simply block and abuse you. Podibos1992 is his username on Skype


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