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  1. Personally, I believe PoS has a lower barrier to entry and higher yields, so I would not bother mining.
  2. I'd like to know what the function's purpose is in terms of software. Why would a broker need to open trades at a price that differs from the market price? It is obvious that the function can be used for fraud, but considering the negative publicity it can cause, there should be no benefit to Metaquotes from it. It should be noted, however, that this should not affect regular manual or ea traders, as I see this primarily being used to solicit investors for some managed accounts fraud scheme. I recall one instance a few years ago where this was most likely used. Given this, I find it very concerning that Metaquotes has yet to close the loophole. One might also wonder why they support fraud in the MQL5 market.
  3. Yes, ADX comes to mind when defining the trend on larger timeframes such as 1H or 4H, rather than 1M, where 200SMA is our signal. However, I believe ADX is insufficient, and I agree with you that we could benefit from some MAs as well.
  4. I don't know where is my post I wrote 2 hours ago. Maybe there was too many links. Anyway, to specify the trend we could use ADX or inclination of SMA200 and the fact if candles are below or above it. Using ADX we could try to specify the strenghth of trend too. Do you agree with me? I will check it out in my free time with some simple EA. Unless someone has the other idea?
  5. The main goal for new traders should be to make money. It is a difficult task. To profit from this market, they must devise a sound strategy.
  6. Emotions truly are something that can be toxic even to the best traders and overcoming emotions can be toxic. Identify what can kill you now and what can kill you later. As a trader when you look at a chart or trade the first thing that can kill you is not the trade going in the opposite direction, but the first thing that can kill you is getting emotional about the trade. Remember, you have feelings about the trade, but the trade doesn’t have feelings about you. So you shouldn’t have any about it either Look at the trade for what it is and not what it seems to be. I personally trade the Daily charts and it allows to chase trends better and i mostly just check on my trades once a day and that lessens my chances of sabotaging myself. I look at what at what my algorithm is telling me and make adjustments accordingly or make no adjustments at all (which takes about a minute) and look at other charts when i’m done i browse throw different charts to see if my algorithm is telling me anything. Then i spend the rest of the time trying to see if i can improve me system and make it better and then i back-test. So basically all you have to do is create a system that works, gets you more wins than losses, chases trends, gets you optimum entries and exists and allows you to chase trend and get those juicy pips and keeps you out of taking losing trades (not losing is winning). And once you’ve done that you get to trust your system and kill the emotion. Oh and don’t risk more than 2% of your account. And you must learn good Money Management and great trading psychology, cause these to thinks are even more important than technical analysis. Cause you can have the best system and still blow out your account with terrible money management and trading psychology
  7. I suppose Bitmex is for scalping and Hotforex is for long-term transactions. Before you choose a broker, be sure you know what you want to achieve and when you want to do it.
  8. Pepperstone is, in my opinion, the greatest alternative.
  9. Thank you for the information; I was curious about this one but hadn't done my due diligence at the time of writing... Thank you so much for creating this post!


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