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  1. I've been using the platform for a month and can confirm that deposits and withdrawals via credit card were simple. Platform performed admirably during news events, with no out-of-control spreads. Will continue to work with them to gain access to 500-1.
  2. I'm starting this thread to warn anyone new to trading to be wary of the many trading scammers out there. I've been in the industry for about ten years and have seen a lot of people try all kinds of tricks, so I can spot a scam a mile away. It's not rocket science to call out trades and levels with pinpoint accuracy, but profiting consistently is a whole different ball game that requires years of trial and error and a mental fortitude. Please share your experiences with Instagram and YouTube Scammers who claim to earn $1,000's per day but are not even profitable and are looking to sell you a course, mentoring, or other nonsense that doesn't work. My two cents on a recent Instagram and YouTube scammer named Uncle Ted & Raja from Wicksdontlie. Every day, they have a live YouTube feed that has a regular following of 1500 people. They indicate levels and possible scenarios in either direction and are sometimes accurate "which isn't rocket science ". They will then claim to have profited from the trade without providing any proof on the live feed; instead, they will show some Instagram photos and videos to demonstrate the scam. Ted is the most obnoxious arrogant Ahole you will ever meet, he will talk BS for hours and claims to earn $100,000 s in a few minutes trading. He enjoys the sound of his own voice and boasts about how talented he is and how much money he has. a total narcissistic deluded fool They will permanently delete any comments that question them and block you from Instagram. They both use a private MT4 server called Tradersdomain, which can be easily manipulated to allow them to enter any trade figures they want. More information can be found at uncletedsafranko.com. Avoid these types of con artists at all costs because you will be wasting your time and money.
  3. It's a straightforward swing trading strategy: monitor the trend on higher timeframes and trade when the price (or fast MA in some versions) crosses the slow MA. It can be extremely profitable until the price settles and begins to move up and down across the slow MA, resulting in whipsaw losses. Most traders who use this type of system add a filter to avoid these dangerous situations, such as the slope of the 200 MA (don't trade if the slope is too close to 0). Do you have any plans for a filter like this?
  4. Any experience you have with what seems to work is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, FF.


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