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  1. Wicksdontlie's live streams are incredible. For the past year, I've watched his live stream every day and learned more from him and Uncle Ted than anywhere else. I've bought a few courses over the years, but nothing compares to what you get for free from his streams. Uncle Ted is frequently able to provide invaluable insights and analyses. You have a lot of guts to call Uncle Ted a scam. He has absolutely no reason to make money off of other people. He does not promote a course. He does have a brokerage (Traders Domain), but I've never heard him promote it on Wicksdontlie's stream. Wicksdontlie not only provides live analysis on my favorite pair, the GBPJPY, but he also provides gold nuggets on a variety of important trading topics such as psychology, mindset, risk management, daily habits, and so on. He has instilled in me the truth that the two most common causes of failed trading are over-leveraging and over-trading. 95 percent of everything forex-related you see on social media is a scam, in my opinion. But, in my experience, WicksDontLie, Uncle Ted, Trade with Monty, and Trade with Paul are all genuine and incredibly selfless in the incredible value they give away for free on their live streams. I truly believe they all derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing others succeed.
  2. Yes, this system appears to be intriguing. I'm always intrigued by 200MA, but I have a few questions. 1. Have you tried using EMA rather than SMA? 2. What are the trading hours? Because the spread may be larger during some hours, which has a significant impact when using a 1M timeframe. The best session would be in London, in my opinion. 3. Have you tried using a longer timeframe (5 or 15 minutes)? 4. Reachjj inquired, and I, too, am curious as to how we can determine what trend we have on 1H and 4H. Do we also use 200MA or something different? What if it appears to be flat? 5. What are the daily pivot points for? You didn't mention them when you described enters and exits, and I'm not sure what they're for, or I'm missing something. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  3. I love it - a classic post.. A practical suggestion? As a starting point try studying the various currencies without any indicators at all. You will learn a lot more that way.
  4. Hello, I would like to invite people with share their experience with various martingale strategies. and their optimal settings. Aim to start this thread is, to share experiences and seek guidance, as majority of people in Fx community trade Martingale positions but they use wrong multipliers or bad position sizing or wrong TP and Grid setups.
  5. Selecting a broker is comparable to selecting a stock. Knowing your investment style is the first step. And you now have more possibilities than previous generations could have imagined.
  6. Hi, 1. Can somebody provide a good recommendation for me? A low-spread book broker. 2. Can anyone recommend a broker with a true zero spread and a modest commission charge? Note: Only use a regulated broker. Please don't recommend an unregulated broker. STP, Non-dealing desk, Non-market maker, ECN are all terms used to describe a book.
  7. I've always wished that any of the broker platforms I use had a faster payment processor that I could use for my withdrawals without paying a lot in processing fees; I was thrilled to learn that Profiforex had added Bitcoin as a payment option; my withdrawals have always been paid within 24 hours and there are no processing fees.
  8. When I do strategy tester on MT5 using "Every tick based on real ticks" I get many "Real Ticks Discarded", "Price Mismatch" and "Minutes Bars Absent" errors. How to fix this?


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