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  1. The forex market is a sham. You are constantly duped. However, if you understand exactly how this scam works (stop hunting, giving false hope... blah.. blah), you can profit from it. Furthermore, allow me to share my thoughts on binary trading. This scam has progressed to the next level. When you trade forex, you only look at the price. In binary trading, you must focus on both the price and the time. Most retailers will see binary trading as much easier than forex trading, but in reality, the winning probability is reduced even further by adding another dimension (time).
  2. Of course, it could be too good to be true... maybe backtests are an illusion... alright, ok.. I know.. BUT... do you remember the risk/reward 1/2 EA that did 12 wins in a row 11 times in 7 years? So far, I haven't seen many EA setups... So yet, there hasn't been a single one. Until today! But there is one (at least) questionable situation: all trades are closed exactly one hour after midnight. This means that there are gaps on weekends (closed on Monday night). And there was an issue regarding liquidity at the moment for EURUSD and AUDUSD.... this may be a problem in real life. In any case, this discussion is focused to the CHEETAH technique and finding those win n=12 EAs setups. This thread will discuss many EA ideas, but the main focus will be on anomalies that n=12 can be found quite frequently. Then, while calculating the best method, we'll try it out live. For example, make ten attempts per year at $100 each and profit $400,000. That sort of thing.
  3. If you read that discussion, you will grasp the CHEETAH approach. In a nutshell, make 12 profitable deals in a row with a risk/reward ratio of at least 1/1 - on each successful trade, double the next deal volume. It appears that the author of the original ChEETAH has completed his purpose - he has not been present on FF for more than a year. It's now my time. I discovered one nice EA setup in which 11 times n=12 were achieved in 7 years. Every year, on average, 1.5 times. And risk/reward is half.
  4. I was just wondering if you had any other confirmations besides the MFI and trend? I build systems in my spare time and am slowly getting better at it; after doing some research, I discovered that simple systems can work really well; I was wondering if you had any additional confirmations? Continue your excellent work!


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