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  1. Institutional traders do not use leverage, and no bank or broker will lend you money to trade. If a broker has leverage greater than 1:1, it is a scam, and your profits will be delayed and your account will be closed. This electronic scam does not make use of real money. It is an electronic computer system that generates a real price with an unreal small bid/ask price while charging a daily spread and calling it "swap" when it does not exist. If you buy eur/usd on an electronic platform with an account in eur, you are making a profit, which is impossible in any bank or public exchange. You can open a "forex brokerage" with 5000$, get a platform, and accept money from traders in the same way that a bookie does. According to the electronic scam platform, there are currently 450000 orders open, and if it is a minimum of 0.01 lot or 1000$, we need a minimum of half a billion dollars to "process orders." How much money can you make as a broker with this electronic scam - revenue on 100.000 accounts is 4.5 million dollars per year. All "ecn" and "cfd" "brokers" are electronic swindlers. You do not own any money or stocks; your deposit is held in a single account. Currency moves no more than 5% per year; it is "penny stocks," and your profit will be no more than 6% - 7% per year if you trade through a bank or an institutional broker. I'm not even sure if these stock brokers are real. Trading in a bank, I am directly connected to 35 stock exchanges (all over the world) via the NYSE to send real contract orders for real buy stock. I'm charged $0.04 per stock. Why does a stockbroker charge $4 or $9 per order? Best institutionals make 20% - 30% per year by charging high fees. Hedge funds, on the other hand, are the best business if you are the owner. Most stock traders trade trends because they have never owned a company and have no idea what makes a company profitable. Take, for example, Amazon. Since the beginning, their total profit after taxes, paychecks, and other expenses has been $8 billion. But if the company is pumped to 100 billions, will you pay 200 billions for a profit of 8 billions in decades? Is it a wise decision? People who follow trends get a thumbs up.
  2. The tools are available in MT4/MT5. Simply keep developing your system, and with a little imagination, you'll come up with something that works for you.
  3. How is it that this is still included in Trading Systems? There are no trade parameters that I can see. The other thread contains extensive mathematical information on how to double your money. However, there is still no information on how to trade...


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