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  1. I'm going to provide some examples. Indeed, cherry-picked. Put it behind you. A word about the best times to trade: While this is not always true, it is worth considering, markets tend to move around major session openings. Of course, the New York and London openings are significant movers. Asians can occasionally move, but less frequently than the others. Conduct a quick review and take note of market movements. Trading according to established rules during active sessions increases the likelihood of success.
  2. I altered my layout slightly. I couldn't care less about the colors or time period you choose. I'd appreciate it if everyone adhered to the same MAs and did not add anything additional for the time being. Someone suggested entries of the MTF type. While I am not a fan of MTFA, if it works for you, go for it. Personally, I trade a single time frame without regard for higher or lower time frames or for top-down analysis. For the time being, I'm trading H1 and higher. I'm not particularly interested in using this as a scalping or short-term trading strategy. Stopped out at -21 on a NZDUSD sell and TPd 55 on a GBPCAD sell. TP was applied prematurely.
  3. This is a thread about moving averages that focuses on trading with "the trend." My own MA system may evolve as the thread progresses, but I'll always specify which MAs I'm using and how I'm using them. Please post some charts with examples and explanations if your system is primarily based on MAs. Because I am aware of the limitations of moving averages, moving average crosses, and the like, those of you who are itching to make the standard critical remarks can do so elsewhere. "Thinking is Optional" because the MAs usually indicate when to buy and sell, reducing the need for decision-making. Although it isn't necessarily new, I present here a moving average usage paradigm that may be useful to those who want to avoid interpreting "price action" in favor of something that can often tell you when to sell or buy. It will undoubtedly contain false signals, but if you stick with it, I believe you'll find it to be worthwhile. For the usual scoffers and such, here are a few thread rules: 1. Instead of a discussion, post a chart. 2. Save the standard moving average criticisms for another thread. 3. Your MA system is welcome, but please include explanations and examples in your post. 3. There will be no profanity - zero.
  4. If you want to invest in this risky market, you need to gather all kinds of knowledge first. Because without knowledge, you can not survive in this risky market.
  5. Like any beginner I was tricked by greed, I want to share this scam with you to avoid others. Beware, they keep trying to sell it on instagram and they will send accomplices to testify that it works well and discredit this post. This post repeats the one I published on forex peace army who banned it. In this first video you will see the group based in Turkey forcing you to open an account with a broker and pay them a vps at 350 euros per month. On this second video the scam is really exposed where we see that the robot is a martingale and how they walk you around when you contact them.
  6. You should report them to your country's regulatory body.
  7. When you buy cryptocurrency with eToro, it is acquired and stored on your behalf. When you sell cryptocurrency, you're technically selling a contract for difference (CFD). When you buy cryptocurrency, you are purchasing a genuine coin with no investor protection. You should go to the NYSE... By the way, 1:50 is insane for crypto... Aren't you convinced?
  8. If they could just tell me what deals they're doing with the LP...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. It's unclear whether the firm you're referring to is known as Sunder or Sunpor... Are they, in any case, regulated? If this is the case, you should notify the appropriate regulatory authorities. If not, you can still attempt contacting your country's regulator as well as the police.


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