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  1. We've read a lot on this forum about traders making money trading forex, and it's true that they do. However, the following must be questioned further: 1. How frequently and for how long have they been making money? 2. How much money do they make per trade, and how much risk do they take to make that money? The first question will reveal the winning percentage and consistency. The next question will reveal the winnings' risk factor ratio. Why are they important...well, we need to know if he can consistently maintain his winnings. Winning is one thing; winning sustainably and consistently is another. So it is critical to understand all of this before entrusting your hope, time, or money to those who claim to make money in forex. A TE or others do not display all of these results, only an overall picture. Furthermore, documentary proofs can be easily manipulated, doctored, or fabricated. So the next best option is to ask them to make 5-10 liv trade calls specifying the entry/sl/tp just to see if they are who they say they are. Do your homework and googling to learn more about the Risk-Reward Ratio. Charlatans and pretenders will mock or belittle you by claiming that they are not signal providers, that they do not do live calls, and a variety of other excuses. Never give up or compromise on these fundamental requirements, or you will be forced to find your own reliable answers without any distractions or easy way out. Tips for developing your own solid methodology/system/trading plans: 1. Begin with just one pair, preferably an EU pair. 2. While all indicators work, find one that appeals to you both visually and intellectually. 3. A solid plan has two major components. The first is the plan or criteria for determining when to make a trade. The execution plan on when and where to enter, exit, and stop placement is the second and most important. This is where the majority of people fail. In short, having a good plan isn't enough; knowing where and when to trade that plan is critical to success. As a result, many posters/traders will post nice and impressive looking charts without specifying or knowing how to trade them. This is a critical missing link in determining whether or not a project will succeed or fail. 4. A trading plan must be defined clearly and simply to understand, explain, and follow in no more than five simple steps; otherwise, no matter how good or impressive it appears or sounds, it is not a tradeable plan. 5. Don't waste your time trying to learn or copy the trading systems found in FF because the majority of them are utter garbage, but there are a few that are quite good. So look for good ones and tweak and restructure them to make them better in the following ways. Don't use standard settings or usage; the right gems can be found in non-standard settings and applications not found in FF, such as the fantastic fibs tool. So play around with all of the settings and you'll eventually find the right ones if you keep working on it. The quartile method is an obscure method that came very close here. I'm surprised there hasn't been more follow-up on this. After spending a considerable amount of time in this public forum, I have come to appreciate the wide variety of characters, with all of their merits and flaws, populating and squatting here. Aside from the usual good, bad, and ugly, a good number of people exhibit bizarre behavior, with a few bordering on some form of mental deficiency or malfunction. Scammers and charlatans abound, with egoists attempting to impose their views and bizarre displays of anger and hostility despite claiming to be a successful trader. How can someone make money and be angry at the same time? Most traders will lie about their trades with after-the-fact entry and profit claims in order to hide their flaws and avoid being mocked or ridiculed. Or they simply desired to be a part of a peer group or to grovel to some false gurus in exchange for trading secret recipes or holey grails. Many people have been banned and then returned with new avatars and identities to play hide and seek with Twee and his team. So, having said that, I will take a break from this memorable trading forum and have shared some tips and experiences on how I arrived on this long forex journey in the hope that some will learn from it and use it to their advantage in their struggle to become a better trader.
  2. I used skrill payment for some brokers as sometimes credit card declined.


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