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  1. The only way to know if there is a slippage is to look at the MT4 log (journal) The photos you sent don't reveal anything.
  2. We appreciate your most recent method. One question here: why are we required to draw falsehoods from low to high? Your chart demonstrates that the gj is increasing in value. As a result, we draw the falsehood from low to high. when it begins to decline, so that we can draw the fib from high to low? Am I correct regarding this spud? I apologize if this is a ridiculous question. I'm still a student. I'm particularly fond of the fib thingy.
  3. Looks like a Lose then Win situation Probably help if we can know the pair and day to get a better context Thanks
  4. I'm assuming you're an Au resident. Because you would have been restricted to Au entities only, which would have included the 1:30 fx major pair leverage cap (less for exotics, crypto, etc). Unless you specifically requested to be accepted as a Professional/Wholesale client. ASIC has been conducting a consultation since August 2019. The final decision in October 2020 was only a matter of time. GP and several other brokers were putting the finishing touches on their plans. This email, I believe, was sent only to GP's Au resident clients, rather than "all" clients. If you were aware of the actual ASIC leverage mandate (and the proposed mandate even earlier), and you are not a day trader (you purposefully hold overnight positions for several days or weeks at a time), why didn't you unwind your positions sooner? Or should you deposit more to meet the additional margin requirements? It would be great if you could post a screenshot of your total number of open positions. So we can see what you were up to. If you're going to claim "$100,000 margin call" and "$15,000 equity loss from liquidation" on all positions, I believe you could back it up with actual exposure at the time of your notification. You did not provide a complete picture of your outstanding positions, but if you had 1:200 leverage (max gp offers) and a $15,000 drawdown, consider the following hypothetical scenario to simulate the risk you may have been taking: Margin call is a margin level of 120 percent, and stop out is a margin level of 100 percent. Assume a starting balance of $50,000 USD and 20 lots of EURUSD at 1:200 leverage, resulting in a $12,139 margin requirement. Drawdown is 75 pips to $-15,000, but margin level is 288 percent, and you have 100 pips left until margin is called.


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