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  1. Could you please share the broker you use to trade cryptocurrencies? I'm also interested in trading them.
  2. The stochastics don't lie again. In this chart, we get a good entry, but the market goes against us. The stochastics give us plenty of warning, and depending on how long you waited, your losses would be minor, if any at all...you might even have gained a few pips.
  3. Here's another long example...notice the stochastic exit indication. Also I've added a few Fib levels to make life easier. The Fib levels are now: -1 label as 200 -.764 label as 176.4 -.681 label as 168.1 -.500 label as 150.0 -.382 label as 138.2 -.236 label as 123.6 0 label as 100 .236 label as 76.4 .382 label as 61.8 .5 label as 50.0 .681 label as 38.2 .764 label as 76.4 1 label as 0 1.236 label as -23.6 1.382 label as -38.2 1.500 label as -50.0 1.618 label as -61.8 1.764 label as -76.4 2 label as -100
  4. To make the level labels make sense, I only draw from low to high, so they will always be 0 at the bottom and 100 at the top. It's not that important right now, but there's a reason for my craziness.
  5. Well, until the Thursday before it all happened, I was unaware of any ASIC regulations. The GP admitted that they had made no attempt to notify me sooner. I was only given the option of adding enough to cover the extra margin requirement (way too much money to cough up in 24 hours). They did say that the account could be kept open, but that I would only be able to close trades. I use a trading method that involves hedging, so if I can't open a hedge (instead of an SL), the only option I have is to close trades (whether they're already in a hedge or not)... so that was my only option. I applied to be a professional trader, and they accepted my application after a bit of a squabble over one question, in which they basically gave me the answer to the question and then said that if I could write that I agree with it, they could approve my pro application. I responded appropriately. It was now Friday evening. Then, over the weekend, they reduced my leverage, rejected my application for pro trader, locked my account, and told me I had to withdraw all remaining funds. There was no explanation given. I needed to make a withdrawal into another person's account. They let it happen more than once. It is not against the law for me to do so. It's against their AUSTRAC and other obligations. Why did they let it happen? I'm not sure. After looking into it after Global Prime informed me about it on Thursday, I discovered it was announced 5 months ago. Any reasonable trader, in my opinion, should not be expected to keep up with regularity changes without the assistance of their broker. If this were an ASIC order stating a new KYC requirement or something, it wouldn't be a big deal... but the order would KILL retail trader accounts, and Global Prime has a responsibility to notify their customers as soon as possible. It's an odd scenario: not informing me about the account-killing ASIC change, then answering my questions about the Pro Trader application, accepting it, rejecting it, reducing my margin, canceling my account, and then assisting me in putting all that money into other people's accounts.
  6. On Thursday, I received notification from Global Prime for the first time. My money was taken out of my name and deposited into accounts that I didn't own, which was against their anti-money laundering policies.
  7. Global Prime notified me less than 48 hours before the ASIC Product Intervention Order (which significantly reduced retail traders' leverage) went into effect, resulting in a loss of nearly $15,000 in my account. The change was announced by ASIC five months ago. However, I learned about it on Thursday afternoon. They said I could either deposit $100,000 to cover the leverage reduction that would take place in the next few days, or my account would easily go into margin call, closing almost all of my open trades.
  8. MT4 and MT5 are the best Forex trading software that allows traders to manage their trades and accounts easily. You can use the platform offered by Metaquotes, which is designed for both novice and professional traders.


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