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  1. LuStock just sent me an email saying that all my trades will have no swap commissions.After one week of trading with them i noticed that i saved like 1k just with not paying the swaps.I have worked with many brokers like TickMill or IC Markets but none of them ever give me this promotion.
  2. Yes, I'm using the free version. There is also a PRO paid version, but we do not require it.
  3. To make the level labels make sense, I only draw from low to high, so they will always be 0 at the bottom and 100 at the top. It's not that important right now, but there's a reason for my craziness.
  4. MTF FIB Breakout System by Spud ———————————————— Since learning about Fibonacci numbers, they have piqued my pure mathematical statistical side to the point of obsession. Having said that, it appears that for such a simple sequence of numbers, they can lead to very complicated trading methods. Here's a simple day trade system based on stochastics and Fibonacci numbers that could help you win more trades. Indicators: Stochastics 5,3,3 and 14,3,3 (high/low, simple)....only use the percent K line and overlay in one indicator window. Fibonacci levels are: 0 labeled as 100.764 labeled as 23.6.681 labeled as 38.2.500 labeled as 50.0.382 labeled as 61,8.236 labeled as 76.4 1 labeled as 0 Always draw the Fib line from the previous day's low to the previous day's high. Set-up Draw your Fib line from the previous day's low to the high at the close of the trading day (call this the previous day since this day is now over) and draw it so the level lines extend into today (i.e. set your chart up with a shift) Entry Look for the price to break through the Fib's 100 or 0 level. This can be accomplished by keeping an eye on or placing a long order slightly above the 100 level or a short order slightly below the 0 level. You want the price to cross the 100/0 line, not just come close to it. Meanwhile, look at the stochastics....when/prior to/or just after the price breaks the 100 Fib line, you can almost be certain that the stoch is breaking the 80 line or higher....well, we want it to be or we will wait for it to do it before entering the trade. Similarly, if the price breaks the zero line, we want the stochastic to be in the 20s or lower. You have the option to take a few more risks. If the stochastics are climbing together after a down move and a turn up in a long, or if the stochastics have crossed 20 and are moving up. Exit When the price breaks 100 (using long as an example), move your FIB line up to where the 100 line was. Exit when you reach 23.6 (123.6), 38.2 (138.2), and/or other values. Allow the stochastics to guide you...if both or one of them remains above 80, continue to ride the trade. The 14,3,3 stochastic has a greater impact on the trade than the 5,3,3, but both are in perfect harmony. What is MTF and where can I find it? MTF stands for multiple time frame, and it is stochastic in the 5,3,3 and 14,3,3 ranges. Timetable I use the 1H chart on a daily basis. You can use the 4H chart, but you'll be trading weekly. I would not use a time frame shorter than 1H because the Fib's reliability begins to deteriorate. Currencies This is universal, but I particularly like the GBPJPY. You want pairs with a good daily range as well as large Fib numbers so you can make some pips! Use the 4H/weekly fib when trading the smaller day range pairs. Isn't this merely a breakout above yesterday's high/low? Well, it is if you only trade the breakout and use the stochs....but laddie, there is so much more to this simple system...... The Fib levels give you exit targets, so use them and get used to them...you won't be sorry, and you'll understand what comes next (in a little while) a lot better.
  5. The worst broker I ever used , requotes,delays, disconnections,trades with profits cancelled....a bunch of criminals...
  6. Thank you for your post, and I'm sorry to hear you were taken advantage of, however I'm baffled as to why individuals don't inquire on this site before signing up. I've been keeping an eye on him and observing his progress for quite some time. I also watch his students' videos on YouTube. Moreover, I could have informed you without a doubt that he was selling bullsh*t. Impulse/correction has been around for a long time, and you can learn it for free online if you want. It's such wishy-washy nonsense that, despite the fact that you've been a member of the community, I wouldn't even bother asking you for his free material. It's completely ineffective. According to a prior post from a while back, subjective discretionary trading classes cannot and will not be of any assistance. His students also talk trash and are more interested in movies such as 'a day in the life of a trader' or 'trading while travelling.' There's a new item that's come out where phoney traders are now required to report their losses in order to 'be transparent.' Mate, it's self-evident that you are losing money! I'm constantly on the lookout for these educators, and I'm still on the hunt for them. It's worthwhile to watch the free content, but you should never pay unless you've completed your due research. If the kids are not earning any money, this is a red flag to look out for. In the event that you do not obtain a refund, consider the experience valuable and consider what you have learned to be of assistance moving ahead.


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