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  1. Subscribed It appears that I can learn a lot from you.
  2. Hello, Coders. I'm a beginner with no programming experience. Just so you know, I manually open the trades for my own testing purposes only. I created an EA to automatically set the SL (60 pips) and TP (1,400 pips) of open trades on 1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit symbols (including crypto BTCUSD), but it partially failed and I'm not sure why. Problems include: 1) While some trades are successfully and correctly assigned with SL & TP, the vast majority of symbols are not assigned with SL & TP at all. 2) My settings for SL=60 pips and TP=1,400 pips, some pairs are correctly set with 60 / 1,400 pips, but some pairs are only set with 0.6 / 140 pips.
  3. duh that's more like spread explosion
  4. ...yep, if you only want to trade currencies, you could probably use MT4 for charting but CMC for trading.
  5. Until about 4 weeks ago, when they "updated" their software, the trading platform was pretty good (though still not comparable to MT4). It is now a shambles. Loads very slowly, there are almost no indicators available anymore, no programmable indicators, and the entire thing just hurts your eyes + a lot of simple functions that no longer work. Simply download their demo to see for yourself. Intraday trading isn't the best thing to do with them, but I'm guessing you have a lot of brokers who execute too slowly during busy periods. End-of-day trading worked perfectly fine for me... but I switched brokers due to their completely unrecommendable trading platform.... in their internal forum, people have been complaining about the software update ever since.
  6. Of course, leverage is a critical service for me! Because I am trading with less than $1,000! However, in order to implement my strategy, I require a logical leverage facility! Yes, I am trading with a leverage of 1:100!
  7. I have nothing but praise for this enormously massive Goliath of a blog post. I haven't looked at the website or the products on offer yet, but I can tell you that it appears to be a scam. This individual appears to be naive, but he may not be as stupid as we believe - after all, he appears to be able to attract the appropriate mugs.
  8. I used to trade with registered forex brokers, but a buddy just introduced me to Coinexx. Looking at their commission fees and the power they provide, I'm a bit tempted. Before I make a deposit with Coinexx, I'd want to read some more reviews.


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